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Our law firm specializes purely and exclusively in automobile accidents.

Automobile Accidents

Our law firm specializes purely and exclusively in automobile accidents.

Focusing on your personal injuries but without being limited only to this we also represent our clients with respect to the damage of the vehicle and other complications that may arise at the time of being involved in a car accident, whether the need for a rental vehicle, loss of work days, loss of use of the vehicle, etc.

When hiring our services, hire a professional, responsible and specialized in this type of case.

We seek that at the time of an accident you call us and place your trust in our buffet, because we are on your side, something that the thousands of customers we have helped over the years repeat.

I had an accident and although it wasn’t my fault the police officer towed my car, I was desperate and confused, some friends and family told me to obtain a lawyer and others told me to solve it alone …After call several offices and as it was the end of week they did not attend me … I was surprised to know that Del choque al Cheque has someone available to take my call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and not only that but they came to my house on a Sunday .. what service !!! I’ll be sure to recommend your services … Thank you Joel Black.

Chelsea Mills

Phoenix AZ

Hi, I was in an accident few months back. Like many other people I imagine, I did not know what to do. After thinking for a few days I decided to seek professional help, a friend gave me the phone number to the Attorney Joel Black the lawyer from ” Del choque al Cheque ” and as they say problem solved,! My attorney helped me with my car, my doctor bills, the days I lost at work and i received Compensation at the end of my case for the incident. Today I regret not having called them before … I recommend the lawyer Joel Black … and his staff.

Jennifer Gross

Phoenix AZ

I was injured in an accident, and I did not know what to do. A family member told me to call the Law Office of Joel Black. They visited me in my house, they took my information and they started working on my case immediately. They got me a rental car while my car was getting repaired. They got me medical attention and took care of it with a compensation for me and my family … Thank you to the Law Office of Joel Black! I will recommend them

Michael Crimson

Phoenix AZ

Even though many recommended me to look for a lawyer, I have always had trust issues with attorneys … But after my accident I decided to get legal advice before making a mistake and I realized that I was wrong …. I hired the offices of lawyer Joel Black and they solved my case efficiently … they did everything for me … Not only did they pay for my car and my medical expenses, but after a few months I received a compensation for my injuries. Do not be deceived and seek legal help… The lawyers Joel Black can help you ..

Veronica Penn

Phoenix AZ