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Victim in an auto accident?

Mr. Joel W Black and his legal offices from DEL CHOQUE AL CHEQUE want to welcome you to our prospective future client and recommend our attorney buffet as your legal representative in the case of a motor vehicle accident.

We have years of experience that support our work and credibility when seeking legal help in the case of an accident.

Our commitment to our Hispanic community has led us, along with other reputable firms, to be the leaders in Arizona, having paid millions to our clients in compensation for pain and suffering, allowing us to reach you through the main radio networks and television (Radio Campesina, Univision, Telemundo, etc) as well as you can find our ads in the most important weekly Hispanic magazines of our valley (TV and Mas, Teleguia, Segundamano, etc).

You already know us, at the time of an accident, call your lawyers from DEL CHOQUE AL CHEQUE.


We are a law office dedicated to representing people who have been involved in automobile accidents. We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to be involved in an accident. We seek to offer you a solution to your problems, as our name says “DEL CHOQUE AL CHEQUE”

Every person who has been involved in an accident without being guilty of it and presents some type of physical injury, pain, injury has the right to hire the service of a lawyer without paying absolutely anything. The lawyer’s payment will come out of what is recovered from the insurance company.

Accidents have been our specialty for the last 10 years.

Our services consist of helping our clients with their claim towards the at fault insurance company from the beginning to the end. Occupying both the claim of the damage to the vehicle and the claim for injuries, days not worked and compensation for pain and suffering.

After a telephone consultation we look for the most convenient option for our clients to obtain a consultation in person. The client has the option of approaching our offices or asking us to approach their work or home. The consultation is always free and without obligation.

The legal status of a person does not affect the claim to the insurance company. Therefore, even without legal status in the country, everyone has the right to a lawyer.

It is always advisable to obtain a second opinion and in the case of not being satisfied with the service, the client can change the lawyer without having to make any payment.